Dr. Oz

Never let it be said that we at ACSH aren't at the forefront of indispensable science and medical news. Here's an item that all other science organizations badly missed. They can eat our dust.
The old aphorism that crises bring out both the best and worst in people certainly holds true during these times of the 120-nanometer (0.0000047 inches) monster that has hijacked the entire world. 
In case anyone still had any lingering reservations about Dr. Oz's quack status, he removed all doubt in his recent endorsement of astrology.
The news that Dr. Oz has been appointed by the President to the President's Council on Sport, Fitness, and Nutrition (PCSFN) shouldn't surprise us.
You know, it's just one of those days and I just don't feel like writing.
Dr. Oz is a fraud who ought to be fired from Columbia University and have his medical license revoked. Instead, he'll be headed to the White House.
Dr. Oz's show aired it's 1500th episode earlier this month. We didn't notice. We're guessing you didn't either.  That's because his landmark 1500th show was really a non-event. 
Anxiety is something that most everyone has experienced on some level. Anyone who has stress in their lives (and who doesn't?) can relate to some amount of anxiety.
Apparently, you can make any claim with an Asterisk (*), so long as the asterisk clarifies that your claim isn't true. In one of Dr.
Healthcare experts across the nation are weeping in unison over the return of the Dr. Mehmet Oz Show, because it's beginning its seventh season Monday and neither facts nor ethics can stop it.