Endocrine Disrupters

The CDC recently issued guidance related to breastfeeding for "transgender and nonbinary-gendered individuals." It may be the most absurd set of recommendations the agency has ever released.
Precocious puberty may not be about endocrine disrupters at all File this report on baseball under “perfection is the enemy of good.” We all work for Elon Musk when we Tweet The McRib is Back, is that Good?
Here's a chemical scare: marijuana will cause men to grow boobs. Unlike most chemical scares, this one is scientifically plausible and probably real, something CNN.com just wrote about. Will Victoria's Secret's business model now expand to include what "Victor" might need?
Last week, we exposed the flaws of a study published by a group from the Harvard School of Public Health claiming that girls who drink more sugar sweetened soda have their first period a few months earlier than those who don t. ACSH s Dr. Josh Bloom concluded that
An opinion piece in the Independent Women s Forum by CEI s Angela Logomasini explores the science behind endocrine disruptors. Summary: there isn t any.
Nothing new here. We ve written about this before. Once the esteemed New York Times columnist Nick Kristof gets out of his comfort (and knowledge) zone he goes from a really great commentator to an ignorant scaremonger. Sort of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydrogen.
For years researchers have been investigating the hypothesis that trace levels of such industrial chemicals as pesticides, chlorinated compounds, and heavy metals are hazardous to human health. Although studies have failed to establish a causal relationship, some scientists and activist groups continue to emphasize the role of trace levels of synthetic chemicals in human illness.