heart disease

Since I am a huge proponent of laughter often being good medicine, I didn’t have to look very far to find funny movie scenes that also delivered meaningful medical lessons.

Limiting the number of options became the challenge!

Monday night, comedian and late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel told the terrifying tale of the discovery and treatment of his newborn son's unexpected congenital heart defect. He began by reassuring the audience of a happy

A few years ago we profiled a meta-analysis in The Lancet that supported the notion that even healthy adults could benefit from taking statin drugs (which lower L

Once again, the echo chamber nature of press releases serves to promote misleading science and health clickbait.  This time it is with headlines like “Tobacco, but not pot, boosts early stroke risk.” 

Cancer deaths are falling in the United States, and that's great to see. On the other hand, fatalities caused by heart disease are on the rise and there's a significant increase in deaths attributed to Alzheimer's disease. 

A recent health story is currently making the rounds proclaiming that some forms of exercise, as well as participation in three particular racquet sports, are better than others for your overall health and will help you live longer.

By now, everyone concerned about cholesterol and heart disease knows about statins — the family of drugs that can effectively lower blood cholesterol levels, especially the levels of so-called bad cholesterol, the LDLs.

A new study just presented at the meeting of the American Heart Association investigated the possible effect of weight cycling (repeatedly gaining and losing weigh

Monday night marked the first debate of Secretary Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump.  Though no fits of any kind - coughing or otherwise - were thrown, the two gave jabs as expected.  Mrs.