So much of the focus on high blood pressure has been geared toward middle-aged men who smoke, but scientists now say the focus should shift to women -- particularly African American women.
A new scientific statement in the journal Stroke, published by the American Heart Association (in concert with the American Stroke
It s well-known that hypertension is a strong risk factor for stroke and other cardiovascular ills, but it is a silent condition in most and may not be diagnosed and treated appropriately.
Vitamin D seems to be the vitamin du jour as various studies have linked it to benefits not only for bone strength, but also to a wide range of ills including cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Hypertension, or high blood pressure (HPB), is many things: very common and more so as we age; a key risk factor for all types of cardiovascular diseases, the most frequent killer of Americans (and Europeans); easily detectable and treatable.