Controlling blood pressure is key to reducing the risk of another stroke in hypertensives who ve already had one. But only one-third of post-stroke victims have good BP control: this is unacceptable.
A new study assessed the risk of fall-related injuries in almost 5,000 older people with high blood pressure in relation to the medication they were taking. There was some trend toward greater risk of falling among those being treated.
A new study shows that high blood pressure (HBP) is being inadequately treated among those with primary care physicians, and the level of control is worst among those
A special joint panel of the Stroke and Heart Associations issued gender-focused guidelines on reducing the toll of strokes among women. In their vast literature review, surprising focus is on younger women.
So much of the focus on high blood pressure has been geared toward middle-aged men who smoke, but scientists now say the focus should shift to women -- particularly African American women.
A new scientific statement in the journal Stroke, published by the American Heart Association (in concert with the American Stroke
It s well-known that hypertension is a strong risk factor for stroke and other cardiovascular ills, but it is a silent condition in most and may not be diagnosed and treated appropriately.
Vitamin D seems to be the vitamin du jour as various studies have linked it to benefits not only for bone strength, but also to a wide range of ills including cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Hypertension, or high blood pressure (HPB), is many things: very common and more so as we age; a key risk factor for all types of cardiovascular diseases, the most frequent killer of Americans (and Europeans); easily detectable and treatable.