We've all dined with people who would rather drink the effluent from the Newark, NJ sewage plant than a cup of regular (caffeinated) coffee in the evening.
Those delightful calories we swallow are broken down as we chew them up, further dissolved with acids in the stomach, which then releases them to our intestinal tract, where we absorb the nutrients and send the rest to our microbiome.
Nearly three years ago I wrote how the science behind US opioid policies was deeply fla
The American Medical Association was two years late to the party when it issued its first statement
Heroin, not oxycodone or hydrocodone, is by far the most dangerous opiate on the street. But technically, it isn't dangerous at all. And it's not necessarily a "street" drug because It can be legal. Confused?
Contrary to populist dogma, with rare exceptions, chemicals do not accumulate in our bodies.
Energy efficiency is the ability of a machine to put precious energy to good use. The most intuitive example is fuel efficiency, which is usually measured in miles per gallon (mpg).
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