OK, before jumping in, the work was supported by BIG Potato. To be fair, additional funding came from BIG Walnut and BIG Almond – you may judge the study as you wish.
Can sugar-free drinks help you lose weight? Proponents say “yes,” so long as they help create a calorie deficit.
Now there is no argument for the need of communities to improve their public space infrastructure to allow for the availability of parks, bike lanes, walking paths, smoking policies, faith-based organizations, improved educational efforts, etc., a
“Celebrities are particularly influential. On social media, celebrities are perceived as fellow users but also as more credible than ordinary users and more trustworthy than television advertisements.
Activist groups have attacked all sorts of alleged villains for undermining public health—Big Ag and Big Pharma being the two most common punching bags.
Despite a massive increase in population growth and a shrinking amount of arable farmland, food production absolutely exploded beginning in the middle of the 20th century.
After being obese for most of my life, I finally made the decision to get in shape in my early 20s.
Are you afraid of developing dementia in your golden years? If so, a few simple changes to your diet may be in order, according to Dr.
A lot of digital ink is being directed at the socioeconomic factors that impact our health. In fact, Kaiser Health News reports that lawyers are being added to primary care clinics to help sort out housing issues.
“Good advice, good advice. Good advice costs nothing, and it's worth the price,” sang comedian and musician ">Allan Sherman in 1964.
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