Organic Food

Today we give a big shoutout to Hank Campbell, whose Science 2.0 blog is one of the most popular sites a wide variety of science and health issues. Campbells s thought provoking piece, Organic Food Does Not Reduce Cancer Risk will really make you wonder if the organic lifestyle you may be adhering to makes any sense. Campbell s conclusion: No way.
Organic foods and GM foods are not usually thought of as having any relationship to each other. However, in an op-ed published in the Daily Caller, Patrick Moore, a former head of Greenpeace
From time to time, the Organic Center publishes State of the Science Reviews. These reviews provide some useful information, but, as you might expect from an organization supported by the Organic Trade Association, large food companies and their CEO's, the information is usually spun in favor of organic food.
I came of age in the 'sixties and early seventies,' when purchasing "organic foods" was the thing to do among middle class suburbanites enamored by the "back to the earth" movement. In those days, I inspected produce at health food stores with a religious fervor, somehow believing the worse an item looked and the more it cost the better it was for me.