Organic Food

We had a really bad flu season this year. The CDC just announced that about 80,000 Americans were killed.
Some studies are so incredibly stupid, that one wonders how they managed to get published in any scientific journal, let alone a prestigious one. And yet, it has happened, once again1.
In their endeavor to appeal to Millennials and other young people, companies are engaging in marketing campaigns that look and sound good but actually accomplish nothing.
According to legend, organic farms are the way Mother Nature meant for us to live.
There's a lot of money to be made in kowtowing to the latest dietary fads and unsubstantiated health scares.
One of the problems with science communication is that we are always a day or two behind the mass media. The general pattern is this:
Several years ago, during a layover in Copenhagen's airport, I struck up a conversation with an elderly British couple.
The New York Times has some of the worst science coverage in the nation, its Tuesday section notwithstanding.
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