“Nutritional epidemiology has long been criticized for producing sensational and conflicting findings, which has eroded confidence in the discipline.
My discussion with John Batchelor on CBS Eye on the World delved into the concerning decline of confidence in scientific research.
This is the second part of a two-part series. Read part one here.
The validity of much published scientific research is questionable – so how much trust should we place in it?
It is a widely held belief that journals favor studies with positive findings, so what are authors to do when their conclusions are not “statistically significant?”  They use word craft to spin their report of nothing into something.
A recent article in the Times swallowed whole a junk study about an increase in death from eating red meat. ACSH advisor and biostatistician Dr. Stan Young dissected out the fat, bone, and grizzle, and found... nothing left.
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