It's too little and far too late, but the FDA appears to be acting to correct the ignorance and ineptitude that was shoved down the collective throats of America's pain patients in the form of the
Nearly three years ago I wrote how the science behind US opioid policies was deeply fla
Sometimes, guys need a little help in the bedroom, and one option is to use a drug like Viagra or Cialis. The former works for about four hours, while the latter can work up to 24 hours or even longer. Why?
The American Medical Association was two years late to the party when it issued its first statement
"Imitation is the best form of flattery." Charles Caleb Colton, 1824 "Except when it makes me want to puke."  Josh Bloom, 2019
Dr. Andrew Kolodny, one of the world's premier experts on addiction and drugs was kind enough to sit down with me to discuss some very tough questions regarding the ongoing opioid crisis in the US. We all owe Dr.
If you watched professional wrestling in the 1960s it would be difficult not to remember William "Haystacks" Calhoun.
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