public health campaign

As a society, we have done a good job stigmatizing the completely unacceptable behavior of driving under the influence of alcohol. But because marijuana has been destigmatized, people are driving while high. It's time to take action.
New York City has launched a three-year Zika awareness campaign called "Fight Back NYC" for which Mayor de Blasio has slotted $21 million. The posters have a singular focus on mosquitoes and have left out another image that should also be synonymous with Zika - that of a condom. With more and more sexually transmitted cases, why are we still talking only about mosquitoes? Our Zika public awareness campaigns should look more like they did for HIV/AIDS in the 90s.
The number of New Yorkers diagnosed with melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, has doubled since the 1990s. In reaction to those numbers, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will soon be able to add transferring oversight of tanning salons to the New York City Department of Health