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Good news: New York State s smoking rate continues to decline, according to a news release from the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Not-so-good-news: the source of these data and their reliability are suspect, and the reasons for any decline are unclear
The long and winding road which led to 2009 s Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA, or TCA), which bestowed regulatory authority over tobacco products to the FDA, had many bizarre twists
The New York Times tag-teams e-cigarettes, part of the media crusade orchestrated by the top levels of America s public health and abetted by willing lackeys such as The Times, Matt Myers and ex-FDA head David Kessler.
The American College of Physicians, the governing body for internists across America, issued a position statement calling for strict regulation of e-cigarettes, including bans on flavors and advertising.
ACSH friend Dr. Sally Satel s Forbes article exposes the sleaze behind the CDC s campaign against e-cigs/harm reduction. She explains how our public health leaders have adopted the tactics of Big Tobacco to lie to the public.
Another set of expensive campaigns, funded by your government s tax dollars, aimed at falsely demonizing e-cigs and keeping smokers afraid to try them. Result: CDC and CA spending your money to kill smokers. Does anyone care?
Dr. Gilbert Ross in Science 2.0, March 20, 2015 Our nation s most influential, respected and powerful public health officials and academics are engaged in a vast,corrupt and fraudulent conspiracy to keep
One of the many baseless concerns flung about by agenda-driven opponents of e-cigarettes is that they might cause respiratory impairment. A: Compared to what? Cigarettes? Really? B: a new review by an expert says there is nothing to worry about.
The American Council on Science and Health, a public health education and consumer advocacy nonprofit devoted throughout our 35 year history to the promotion of sound science in public health policy, urges the FDA to promote
Dr. Gilbert Ross in the New Haven Register, March 12, 2015 On the subject of public health, the Connecticut legislature is off to a very bad start. New measures have been introduced in both the Houses that would severely interfere with smokers ability to quit their deadly habit. Passing laws that re-define common words, such as tobacco and smoke, is a slippery slope. Using that subterfuge to torpedo a succ
Last week, ACSH s Dr. Gilbert Ross spoke at a rally organized by New Yorkers for Smarter Smoking Alternatives (NYSSA), a coalition of local retailers,
Dr. Gilbert Ross in the California Political Review, February 1, 2015. Which is more dangerous, a cigarette or a vaporized system to cure people of smoking? To the Leftists wanting to continue the stream of cigarette taxes, while proclaiming hatred of