stupid humor

When a guy is standing at a urinal in a public men’s room how do subsequent urinators choose where to stand? This vital matter is the subject of an academic paper which I will try (but fail) to explain. Who cares? We both know this is thinly-disguised juvenile (and hopefully offensive) humor. In honor of June 21st - National Urine Day!
Welcome to another worthless episode of the J-Man Chronicles! For reasons that remain unclear, more than a few people, probably deranged, actually like this idiocy. Who am I to deny them the mindless entertainment they so fervently crave?
Tired of getting "The Pharmacist Death Stare" every time you pick up a controlled drug? Do you have to beg for a bottle of Klonipin? Pill Puritanism got you down? Well, let's take a tour of "The Amazing Drug Shop!" Quite the place indeed!
If this isn't newsworthy then I don't know what is. At the very least I can promise you that the article is even dumber than the title. Enjoy.
What's worse? Getting health advice from an alternative medicine website advertising in a golf magazine or Dr. Oz? At ACSH these questions are par for the course.
What happens when you freeze, and then thaw, milk? Visible evidence suggests that it turns into spit-up. But is that what's going on? And why would anyone care? Read on, but only if you have nothing better to do.
GHB, one of the "date-rape drugs," is being increasingly abused after two decades of low usage. Here's a lesson on the chemistry, biochemistry, and nomenclature of the drug. Admittedly, this sounds deadly boring. But there's more. Juvenile puke humor! Enjoy.