stupid humor

Here at ACSH, we try our best to cover as many of the timely, important issues as possible. 
It's hardly a secret that we are living in an Orwellian nightmare where an army of malevolent busybodies are climbing all over each other in a perverse contest to see who can come up with the most grandiose ideas – the dumber the be
I'll admit it. I have a rather intimate relationship with my Roomba Steve. It borders on love, strong affection at the very least.
In the mood for some yuks? Good. We can thank Steve Whelan, a member of the ACSH board of trustees, and the widower of our founder, the late Dr. Elizabeth Whelan.
Never let it be said that ACSH isn't at the forefront of reporting critical topics. No siree, if something important breaks, we're on it. And fast.