sugar-sweetened beverage tax

Philadelphia has opted to tax sugar-sweetened beverages, which, one might expect, will raise the price consumers must pay. But at the city's airport, at least, stores that aren't in the taxation area also raised their prices.  
The ban on super-sized sodas was finally defeated in New York City, but the attack on sugary beverages is far from over. Last week, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) introduced a bill in the House the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Act of 2014 that would put a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks of a penny per teaspoon
The American Heart Association has voiced their opinion regarding taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages in reaction to an article published in the British
Only two years after banning the free toys from kids meals high in fat, salt and sugar, turning Happy Meals into the unhappy meal,