swimming pool

At the Council, we specialize in taking complex scientific and medical issues and crafting them into a form that can be understood by non-scientists, while at the same time not omitting crucial information. And talk about timing! We don't get a challenge like this every day. This one is special. Do people pee in the pool? How about bears? We shall see.

The world can be broken down into two broad categories:

1) Those who deny that they pee in the pool.

2) Those who won't go in the pool because they know that the people in group #1 are a bunch of liars.

Given these two facts, it is difficult to understand why anyone would want to study whether urine is found in pools, let alone how much. But, a...

swimming-pool-1262340-mIt s summer time and the living s easy. Time to fire up the BBQ, pull the summer clothes down from the attic (hopefully they still fit) and relax around the pool and if we are talking pools, than we also have to talk about chlorine.

Chlorine and pools go hand in hand. Any pool owner will tell you that keeping your chlorine levels (and the pH) right is a summer s long struggle, but also necessary. A lot of people wonder though what does chlorine really do for your pool and what does it really do to you, the swimmer?