Dr. Lance O'Sullivan decided to take action when the anti-vaccine movie "VAXXED" was shown in his community. By protesting the misinformed movement while spreading the truth about the benefits of vaccines, the staunch vaccine supporter is our new hero. If only he wore a cape.  
Here we go again ... the anti-vaccine movie VAXXED by Andrew Wakefield, is back. This time at the Cannes Film Festival, taking place this week. Like an itch, this piece of anti-vaccine propaganda just won't go away. And it's resurfacing as we're seeing a surge in cases of measles and other preventable diseases all over the world. 
As the anti-vaccine movement garnered Hollywood momentum, science stood largely silent. However, Dr. Paul Offit, inventor of the Rotavirus vaccine, took to the helm to fight for children's health and safety. Here's an informative conversation with a true expert in the field. 
Although many in the scientific and medical community were nervous when Andrew Wakefield's movie was released, we can all relax now. His slogan -- “The film that they don’t want you to see” -- seems to have backfired because ... virtually no one went to see it. Only 19,570 tickets sold and flimsy flick grossed just over $150,000 -- chump change in Hollywood.