According to PETA, veggie burgers cause cancer because of their iron content. Using their logic, so does soy and spinach.
What we eat – as opposed to how much – is a hot topic, and meat consumption is often scrutinized. A study that tracked almost 100,000 Americans for five years found that non-meat eaters were less likely to die – of any cause – during the study period than meat eaters. Now not all studies agree, however, as some show no difference at all in longevity between meat eaters and non-meat eaters. 
The latest type of restricted dietary pattern is "vegganism" yes, spelled with the added "G" for obvious reason which is your basic vegan diet, plus eggs. This is probably a good thing, especially for folks who want to raise their kids without providing animal-sourced foods.
Many people become vegetarians because they believe, in error, that vegetarianism is uniquely conducive to good health. The findings of several large epidemiologic studies indeed suggest that the death and chronic-disease rates of vegetarians primarily vegetarians who consume dairy products or both dairy products and eggs are lower than those of meat eaters. But this does not mean that maintaining or improving health requires abstention from eating meat.