One of the earliest (of many) bizarre symptoms of COVID-19 was blood clotting in the lungs. These clots could easily be seen when an endotracheal tube was removed from a ventilated patient.
Is sticking your finger down your throat a pleasant experience? (Sorry, bulimics excluded) How about sticking it down there and leaving it for three weeks? This is not a gag (sorry).
Let me get you "up to speed" with some context.
Oxygen moves in and out of our bloodstream by the passive process of diffusion – higher amounts moving towards lesser amounts in an attempt to equalize.
The headlines are rampant lately about “a mysterious and deadly fungal infection..spreading across the globe” that identifies multidrug-resistant yeast, Candida auris, as a “new fungal superbug.” And, as is common with such alarming heade
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