ACSH In The Media

1. In the 2008 campaign, both Senator's Obama and Clinton promoted fear and doubt about vaccines, thinking they were capitalizing on the anti-business sentiment of their voters. Really, they were both against science, something they criticized the opposing party about when it came to the climate. In 2016, it seems like only the kooky fringe is against vaccines, wealthy elites from the coasts relying on poor kids for herd immunity on one pole and sub-literate people catering to a naturalistic fallacy on the other. 
Donald Trump is going to appear on "The Dr. Oz Show" to talk about his proposed health policies and reveal new details of the presidential candidate's medical records. It's a huge coup for the slippery doctor, whose ratings have plummeted since he got nationwide condemnation after four ACSH members spearheaded a campaign to get the snake-oil salesman and scaremonger removed from the Columbia University faculty.
1. California declares water unsafe, and hands bottled water companies a giant subsidy. What do you do about water? While water is essentially safer than it's ever been, it's still in the news. Flint, Michigan made national headlines for lead-contaminated water even though it's at least 16X more safe than it was when all of the politicians in Michigan blaming each other grew up there. In California, the situation is even more confused. Everything comes back to environmental activist Erin Brockovich, though. No one wants to be in another movie. So it doesn't matter if anyone is getting sick or not, anything that shows a blip is getting infrastructure ruined.
1. In America, we have the luxury of plentiful, affordable energy and full bellies - and so we have groups who are raising a billion dollars a year criticizing modern science and technology. Most media outlets just play along but UPI recently took a critical look at one topic; the claims of health effects related to modern natural gas extraction. It's a topic we've look at with interest, but there's just nothing there, as UPI notes. Read more in Studies blaming ailments on Pennsylvania fracking are flawed 
1. A new study adds another layer to the debate about e-cigarettes and vaping. Though the government has determined in advance they must be harmful and a gateway to cigarettes, a survey finds it is just the opposite.
1. A website called the National Observer is an "online only" publication whose editor has been accused of political boosterism and using her publication to attack opponents of her family. A weird, disjointed op-ed by an alternative medicine practitioner easily tells you what political side of the aisle they serve.
For political websites, no conspiracy theory is too outrageous - including claims that I might be a shill for a corporation.
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