ACSH In The Media

Much of the country is experiencing a nasty summer heat wave. So, be sure to stay cool and hydrated -- and take comfort in the fact that Americans are more likely to die in winter than in summer. From the relative safety of our air-conditioned offices, we have been toiling away, ensuring that evidence-based science gets into the hands of the media. Here's where we appeared in recent days.
We must be doing something right. We have received so much media attention in the past several days, that it's hard to keep track. Here's where we've appeared.
Summer is just about here. But we're not going on vacation. There's far too much junk science out there for us to take a break. Here's where we were cited in recent days.
Summer is upon us. While you're firing up your grills, rest assured that our staff will remain diligent, so that you don't need to worry about IARC telling you that a single hot dog will give you cancer. Here are the media hits we've had in recent days.
Recently, we received a very nice note from a reader, who happens to be an organic chemist: "A quick note to thank you for making the world of complex science accessible and easy to understand for the guy in the street. As an organic chemist... I understand, first hand, that it is a gift to be able to convey science and convert it into action for people whose live are made safer with practical knowledge. Awesome job."
Spring officially has sprung. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the anti-vaxxers are getting restless. That's why we exist. So here are some of the media mentions we received, and other outreach we performed, in recent weeks.
As winter rolls into spring, we here at ACSH are springing ahead with our pro-science agenda. (Did you see what we did there?) From Fox Business to the Financial Times, here are the places we appeared in recent days.
One of the most beautiful aspects of science is that it transcends culture and language. Facts are facts, no matter if you speak English or German. That's why we are so happy to see that our work is being cited, not just across America, but all over the globe. Here's where the Council's impact has been felt in recent days.
From Seattle to New Haven, we here at the American Council have crisscrossed America spreading good science news while debunking junk science. We even made a couple of international appearances! Take a look.
The media hits keep coming ... and coming ... and coming. Here's where our dedicated experts appeared in recent days, promoting evidence-based science.
The Beatles song "Here, There, and Everywhere" was about romance, but it also describes ACSH's presence in the media in recent days.
One of ACSH's missions is to change the media narrative about science and health. Too often, the media publishes "click bait" with the intention of scaring people or promoting a new food fad. That does a disservice to the public. We aim to rectify this by getting quoted in as many media outlets as possible, and here's where we appeared recently.