Food & Nutrition

It's surprising, but true. A California man was arrested for driving under the influence ... of caffeine! And given that millions of Americans consume 3+ cups of coffee per day, it's highly likely we're all guilty of driving while caffeinated. But does caffeine really impair our ability to get behind the wheel?
If weight gain means anything to you, perhaps take a look at how many calories some of our favorite holiday beverages — champagne and eggnog — contain. (On the other hand, maybe just wait 'til after New Year's and the next resolution!)
We're concerned about Santa. We really are. Think of it: He's wriggling down chimneys all over the world, toting a bag of gifts, and in gratitude snacks are left for him under the tree. Nothing wrong with that, of course. The problem, however, is that the snacks are traditionally cookies and milk. This could be a serious health issue!
Surely Pfizer wouldn't mind if you took a closer look at what's listed on its label for Centrum Silver Men, which is marketed to men age 50+, right? Copper sulfate: Pesticide. Silicon dioxide. Glass. Titanium dioxide. Paint. But the biggest dirty little secret about multivitamins is that few people actually need dietary supplements.
An egg carton might be festooned with various labels about how the hens are treated and what the eggs do, or don't, contain. Some provide some valid information for the consumer, but others fall into the "true but misleading" category. Here's a breakdown of the different types of incredible edibles. 
Everyone knows that high fructose corn syrup is killing the entire planet. Meanwhile, no matter what is wrong with you, just have some honey and everything will be just peachy. What you probably don't know is that these two products are virtually identical. 
The guidelines were born of good intentions; created to make Americans healthier. However, they were not inscribed on stone tablets and handed to mankind. Instead, the guidelines are the result of a bureaucratic process and, as such, are susceptible to dubious conclusions and adverse influence by activist groups.
What do consumers think about organic or genetically modified foods? Demographics don't seem to make a difference, but according to a recent survey "food ideology" does.
Breakfast, it appears, is no longer to be considered only a morning meal. With consumers wanting their breakfasts at any time of day, restaurants are supplying their eggs and bacon pretty much round the clock. Will that have a negative nutritional impact? Probably not.
The importance of aerobic health
Right now it's a recommendation, but what a very smart one it is. Hats off to the American Heart Association for raising the visibility and importance of aerobic fitness, and declaring that the metric be considered a vital sign which should be monitored and measured in physical checkups administered by physicians. The scientific statement makes it clear that exercising the heart and lungs is essential to an individual's overall health, and that those prone to inactivity are at greater risk for life-threatening conditions.
The nutrition pendulum is still swinging, and there's yet another report about the dangers of diet. You thought dietary fat had acquired a clean (OK, cleaner) bill of health compared to dietary sugars. But we seem to still have some anti-fat folks out there. Should we worry? Probably not, and here's why.
Many Americans are deprived of sleep, which leads to daytime drowsiness. At the office, it can cost employers millions of dollars in productivity loss. But behind the wheel, it can cost lives.