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Decades ago, when activist groups were promoting every trace chemical they could find as a carcinogen (1), the American Council on Science and Health debunked a lot of those myths with the help of Walter Cronkite, the long-time CBS anchor who had

Smoking really is as bad as everybody says it is.

Researchers recently conducted a small study that showed promise for weight loss if you took part in a cheat day from your diet. Be careful, though, the plan can backfire.


When we think of a healthcare provider, the picture that most often comes to mind is of someone in a long white lab coat with a stethoscope slung around his or her neck.

For the extremely obese (i.e., those with a BMI over 40), the most effective means of losing weight and keeping it off is bariatric surgery — as we have di

At a country club somewhere in Greenwich, Connecticut...

As if Texas didn't have enough to deal with after hurricane Harvey, there's now a problem that is, at least, preventable - brucellosis from drinking raw milk.

Yes, it's well-known that you can't make a horse drink if he or she doesn't want to, and apparently you can't get a man to stop taking a dangerous supplement — say one that produces cyanide when ingested — even when you tell him that it does so.

We’ve written about the importance of physical activity in maintaining health (for example here) at various times in the past.

Pumpkin season is here, but it's more than just a fad. There's a bit of science behind why we're so obsessed with pumpkin spice everything!