CSPI Ironically Claims Their Funding Matters Most In Their Health Coverage

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Center for Science in the Public Interest, which does not disclose its political donors and let's any number of corporations launder money through foundations, ironically chose to criticize the American Council on Science and Health for being transparent about disclosing corporate donors.

In the real world of science and health, funding is irrelevant, unless we are supposed to believe Democrats should not trust any science because it has been funded by the Bush administration, or that 60 percent of U.S. science (the country that produces 35 percent of the science for the entire world with five percent of the population) is invalid because that basic research is done by corporations.

Government-controlled science is not better by default, scientists do not become unethical or ethical based on whether or not they are paid by CSPI or ACSH or the NIH. Yet that is the class warfare CSPI seeks to promote in its latest ethical smear - and they have to resort to that because science is on our side and not theirs.