We Hate to Say It, But...

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We told you so. We told you some recent health scares were groundless or exaggerated, and a couple recent headlines are reminders we were correct:

1) "No allergy problems from GM corn or soy: study"

We told you so, here:

Biotechnology and Food (September, 2000)

2) "Study: No Link Between Cell Phones, Tumors"

We are telling you so on biomonitoring-inspired chemical scares now:

"Health Group Explains Limits and Potential Benefits of Biomonitoring" (August, 2005)

San Francisco Chronicle, are you listening (maybe not, judging by the item below)? Anyone else?

What's inside some noted Californians: Tests done to back biomonitoring bill find toxic chemicals

Jeff Stier, Esq., is an associate director of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH.org, HealthFactsAndFears.com).

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