Doe, A Deer, A Vampire Deer

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ImgHandler.ashxAn unusual deer with fangs that would make Bambi sprint for his life was spotted last year in a remote forest in Afghanistan.

This mysterious and peculiar animal has survived decades of poaching and hunting. The last time the Kashmir musk deer was seen in the wild of Afghanistan was in 1948, according to a study published in the October 22 issue of the journal, Oryx.

Standing just a little over two feet tall, the species male deer does not have antlers; instead, during the breeding season, they grow frightening fangs. These are actually tusk-like teeth they use to fight other males. For thousands of years, they have been hunted for their meat, as well as their musk pouches, which contain a smelly discharge that is profitable in the usage of traditional medicine and perfumes .

This peculiar deer is sold for more than $20,000 a pound on the black market across Asia.

Though not much is known about this elusive deer, due to sporadic sightings, questions remain in regards to the survival skills of the animal. The fangs possessed by this deer is an anomoly amongst this species. As most people know, the physiological disposition of animals are prominent features to aid in survival. Another baffling factor is the amount for which this deer is sold on the black market. This factor raises questions regarding the potency of this discharge and what it could mean for contemporary medical practices.