Going Into 2016, The World Is A Much Better Place

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world_peace_215759200 Credit:Shutterstock

Ignore the doomsday prophets claiming that chemicals are ruining us, sausage is killing us, and violence is out of control.

It makes for great fundraising but the reality is that the world is safer, we are living longer and better than ever, and thanks to advancements like natural gas, people have energy without harming the poor. The poor are doing better than ever - fewer than 10 percent of the population lives in extreme poverty, the lowest level ever.

Malnutrition is also disappearing and armed conflict is at a historical low.

Even bees wondered what all the fuss is about. Despite claims that pesticides were running them out of existence, they had another boom year.

Margaret Wente writing at The Globe and Mail waxes optimistically about 2015 and the future and you can read it here.