Five Important Questions on Health Care Costs

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In the following excerpt from Morning Consult, Pfizer's Dr. Robert Popovian offers five suggestions for policy makers about pricing, cost, and value of innovative therapies.

"No one disputes that addressing ever-increasing health care costs in the United States is an important societal and policy goal. The rise in out-of-pocket costs leaves patients and families vulnerable to significant financial hardship. Ultimately, the solution is to evaluate and reward the most cost-beneficial interventions in health care. Unfortunately, policymakers today are deluged with an array of incomplete or biased set of data points which may lead them to draw incorrect conclusions that could possibly hinder the development of biopharmaceutical cures of the future.

In order to see the whole picture, I offer policymakers five questions they should ask about data and policies presented to them regarding the pricing, cost and value of biopharmaceuticals."

The remainder of Dr. Popovian's opinion piece can be read here.

Robert Popovian, Ph.D. is the Senior Director of Pfizer US Government Relations