Alaska Should Shut Down Naturopaths Instead of Allowing Them to Prescribe Medicine

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Naturopathy is a scam, and naturopaths are modern-day witch doctors. Only two states in the entire U.S. understand this, South Carolina and Tennessee, which have made it illegal.

In other more gullible states, naturopaths are open for business. The extent to which they are legally allowed to harm people is regulated by each state. In Alaska, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner describes how naturopaths are fighting for the right to prescribe medicine.

According to the article, naturopaths face tight regulations in Alaska, and many are leaving the state. Good. The state has 50 naturopaths, which is precisely 50 too many. Unfortunately, two new bills would give naturopaths more privileges. During public testimony, the state's medical association was opposed, but otherwise the bills "drew overwhelming support." Bad. Very bad.

It's entirely predictable how this charade will play out. Opponents of naturopathy will be called "shills for Big Pharma," and supporters will claim that naturopathy will lower healthcare costs. Medical doctors, who are the true experts, will be accused of fearing competition from alternative medicine practitioners. It would not be surprising if these arguments win over Alaska's politicians, since scientific and medical expertise carry little weight these days.

The Scientific Consensus on Naturopathy Is Unequivocal

There is no evidence in support of naturopathy. The scientific consensus has been clear for a very long time. As we wrote in Little Black Book of Junk Science:

Naturopaths are the High Priests of alternative medicine. They wholeheartedly reject Western medicine and modern science. At its best, a naturopathic "remedy" does nothing (except perhaps trigger a placebo effect). At its worst, naturopathic remedies can kill you.

Here is just a small sample of the absolute insanity attributable to naturopathy:

Make no mistake: Naturopaths are dangerous frauds. Giving a naturopath the privilege of prescribing medicine would be like handing a machine gun over to a chimpanzee. Don't do it, Alaska. Instead, follow the example set by South Carolina and Tennessee and ban the practice entirely.