ACSH in the Media: We Filled TV and Radio Airwaves

By ACSH Staff — Mar 13, 2019
As winter rolls into spring, we here at ACSH are springing ahead with our pro-science agenda. (Did you see what we did there?) From Fox Business to the Financial Times, here are the places we appeared in recent days.
Credit: eyeliam/Wikipedia

As winter rolls into spring, we here at ACSH are springing ahead with our pro-science agenda. (Did you see what we did there?) Here's where we appeared in recent days.

1) Dr. Alex Berezow's article critiquing the Green New Deal was noticed by Fox Business and the Financial Times. Anyone with a basic sense of scientific literacy could see that the Green New Deal wasn't an ambitious vision; it was more akin to an 5th grader telling NASA how to put an American on Jupiter in 10 years. Because of this article, Dr. Berezow was interviewed on the Fox Business show Evening Edit, hosted by Liz MacDonald. His article was also cited by the Financial Times.

2) Dr. Josh Bloom co-authored an op-ed with Dr. Henry Miller for Fox News about the opioid crisis. They write, "Clearly, something must be done, but federal and state agencies are focusing on the wrong target – legitimate prescribing of opioids – and have insinuated themselves into the doctor-patient relationship as never before. Our governments are taking prescription pads out of the hands of physicians and dictating which, and how much, prescription pain medication may be prescribed for patients. This is chilling and unprecedented."

3) Dr. Berezow wrote an essay for Leaps Magazine about the importance of science and religion working together to solve the world's problems. In 2015, Pope Francis wrote an encyclical about caring for the environment. Dr. Berezow suggests that the Pope also should write an encyclical urging people to embrace vaccines, GMOs, and other forms of biotechnology to address disease and hunger.

4) Dr. Bloom teamed up again with Dr. Miller for an op-ed in the Washington Examiner. Once again addressing the opioid crisis, they wrote, "[T]he crux of the problem is not physician-prescribed opioids, but illegal supplies smuggled from abroad." Chief among these is fentanyl or heroin adulterated with fentanyl.

5) Dr. Berezow's article on infant mortality in urban versus rural areas was cited by the Memphis newspaper Commercial Appeal. The newspaper is part of the USA Today Network.

6) Our work on anti-vaxxers was cited by the Australian video gaming website Stevivor. Apparently, the popular game Plague Inc. has decided to add anti-vaxxers, which makes sense, considering that medieval plagues are spreading around the planet in 2019 thanks in part to them.

7) Dr. Berezow continued his twice weekly radio segment on the Seattle area program called the Kirby Wilbur Show. Most recently, they discussed (beginning at 21:25) vaccine legislation that prevents personal exemptions, overmedicating the American public, and the myth of human overpopulation.