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Everest has been in the headlines for the past few weeks, what we the deaths and the obscenity of lines of people waiting “to summit.” One of the most crucial elements for these climbers’ success are the Sherpas who, acting as human beasts of burden, carry most of the physical load and much of the mental expertise. As MedPage points out, living their lifetimes at such high altitudes change their biology, here is a 10-minute video explanation.

One of the advantages of writing for the American Council on Science and Health is that we have an opportunity to talk and communicate with members of our Board of Scientific Advisors. I have been corresponding with Dr. Fred Lipfert, a widely published expert in air pollution. He pointed out to me that we spend more time with the air in our homes than that of the outdoors. This article from The Conversation takes a little peek at the dust in our homes.  (7-minute read)

I wrote the other day about how language may impact how we think and how dogs have a special way of communicating with us through their eyes, but many species that we might not suspect, communicate with one another.  A recent news summary from Nature explores the messages and messaging of viruses. Who knew they were so talkative? (18-minute read, but don’t let that put you off)