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If you are of a certain age, you will remember the television and radio ads for Syms clothing. Remember his tagline, "An educated consumer is our best customer?" But in today’s online world, is that possible? Was it ever possible?
Pew surveyed 4,464 adults in January 2019, asking
Of all the Anthropocene pollutants, light polluting the night skies seems to be the most benign. Sure, there are studies suggesting health impacts.
    Yes. The study from the University of North Caroline Medical Center at Chapel Hill asked 113 visitors and patients over age 18 to look at this picture and answer who was the surgeon and the most skilled.
"Clean cooking is commonly defined as cooking with fuels and stove combinations that meet the standards set by the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality.”
If we are lucky, there are many we love during our lives. Friends, real friends, must be cultivated, they thrive with attention and falter when ignored.
Could we have been all wrong about the obesity epidemic?
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