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Americans expect that when the tap is turned on, fresh drinking water comes out. This expectation is increasingly questionable. There is a water crisis in the U.S. The increase of severe droughts in the southwestern U.S. has led to very low levels in lakes, rivers, and groundwater across the area. Water shortages are already common and expected to worsen in the coming years. What are we to do?
Can science inform the abortion debate? Are you more likely to die from heat or cold? Could it be that part of our institutional problem is bullshit jobs? Ten things wrong about science reporting – I tried to avoid them all, not always successfully
Trip report: Josh goes into a Manhattan CVS to buy some Tylenol and is horrified by generic drug discrimination. Then he steals a piano.
Scientific writing could use an English major Which is worse, stupidity or malignant intent? Hype and alarmism hype’s evil twin in today’s scientific enterprise. A bright, refreshing wine with a bit of a smoky aftertaste – from the nearby wildfires.
Knowing our genetic structure is just the tip of understanding what makes us. A public health victory in the time of COVID The trees are talking to one another For some, the gift of blood is more of a saleable commodity
What meditation can teach us about listening to others? It is time to BBQ – a chemistry lesson you can eat Does science uncover new “truths” or continue to enslave the “already exploited?” AARP’s conflicted interests
An immigrants tale of serendipity and finding a vital medication on a distant island Stupidity is not monolithic; it comes in so many forms. The problem with making something “fool-proof” is that fools are so clever. Bicyclists killed by autonomous vehicle – what the operator tells us. What if there is no answer to gun violence?
With every horrific mass shooting, the media and the politicians bring out the same tired facts and solutions. While research into gun violence has been deliberately dampened [1], there are studies that help us to characterize gun violence. As mythical police officer Sgt. Joe Friday said, “Just the facts, ma’am.”
Put aside the concept of international governance, what does science say about the complex system we call Earth A fish tale of adaptation, immigration, and relationship all in a steelhead trout How to win an argument Let’s talk about guns
Searching for a better way to explain health and science. Parasites, friend or foe? Does reading a newspaper make us better informed?
Being friended doesn’t make you friends. How do we face death? Do we think in words or images? Should we let the “leaning tower” fall?
The pressure for medical treatment for COVID generated lots and lots of studies. Some good, some awful, few peer-reviewed before being widely and wildly disseminated. A new study looks at how we might separate the good from the bad and ugly.