Other Science News

MIT’s first female student and professor, why nutritional studies go awry, a Carl Sagan Moment, and “clandestine” Chinese scientists and our northern neighbor.
Communication is a two-way street – what the speaker is sharing and what the listener hears. Twitter keeps our communications brief, sharing thoughts, not fully formed ideas. I’ve written about what we hear on several occasions, but a new study looks at what is being said by journalists and how that differs greatly from what they write.
Explaining a paradox of science, let nature bury the excess carbon, Power, and letting go – at least of our notes.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to what's been described as heavy fighting at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power station, near the Ukraine-Belarus border. There have also been reports of rising radiation levels in some places, and concerns about possible damage to the entombed reactor that was damaged in the 1986 accident.
A 105-carat diamond, giving the moon its props! A belated Valentine’s Day present and a video of NY City 77 years ago.
Separating rights from responsibilities, framing, following the science? Stealing our privacy through our games.
What can we learn from Joe Rogan and Daniel Ek? Growing rice for saki. What’s up with Djokovic? The topmost dishonorable moments in healthcare this year – the Shkreli Awards.
I’m a big fan of the theory that the medium is the message. More specifically, linear media, like words in paragraphs and articles, promote our more linear, analytic thinking. Non-linear, more visual media, like memes and pictures, promote our more emotional, intuitive thinking. Here, an analysis of the language found in books is an example of what I mean.
A new take on sin taxes, Wordle and the Internet, who is an expert, and the return of human sacrifices?
Where did hobbies come from? Is it time to reboot “willpower?” How rice crippled a country. And a report from a youngster about their first time being really ill.
Reconsidering zoos, the most famous of monkeys, the symbolism of masks and a goldfish drives their aquarium.
The risk management of raw cookie dough, the psychic and physical energy spent in engaging misery, Don’t look up, and the supply chain, quarterly profits, and too-just-in-time.