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The University of California Irvine has accepted a $200 million donation to fund a center studying integrative medicine, which would firmly root the field of pseudoscience in academia. This not only legitimizes practices not backed by science, but it crosses a line where academia becomes a place where money influences what's true or false.
A recent Politico story, topped with the headline "The great nutrient collapse" deserves a closer look. The atmosphere is literally changing the food we eat – for the worse. In the article's conclusions the underlying science is both interesting, and a bit more constrained.
Only about 17% of Americans are "active science news consumers." At least most Americans seem to understand that the mainstream media is a terrible place to get science news.
A new paper published online in JAMA Surgery concluded that when those with "penetrating injuries" were transported by Emergency Medical Services to trauma centers, the chance of death was two-and-a-half times greater as opposed to when a private vehicle was used.
With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, it's important for patients to know that not every member of their care team has interchangeable training, especially when it comes to invoking the term "doctor."
Training for my first marathon has brought with it some new experiences, one of which is (very) sore legs. The running world's advice for relief, universally, is to soak sore muscles in a bath with Epsom salt. Turns out that trying to find the science behind this practice – which athletes swear by – left me running in circles. 
Today's teens are delaying their transition into adulthood, as revealed by a recent study published in the journal Child Development.
It is easy to see how the peer review process has flaws. How to fix those flaws is a bit more difficult. However, at the "Peer Review Congress" a group of scientists meets every four years to do just that, when they consider ongoing problems with the quality and credibility of science and discuss potential improvements. 
Among the reverberating issues created in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma is a particularly disturbing one: multiple deaths at a Florida nursing home. Here we explore why those over 65 are especially susceptible to such scorching conditions.
There are two different types of fat: white and brown. White fat is a fat storage depot, whereas brown fat transforms energy into heat. Researchers have successfully created a patch containing a micro-needle that delivers sustained release drugs in nanoparticles, stimulating white fat to turn to brown.
A recent paper with too many qualifiers tries to link pregnant women receiving the flu vaccine in the first trimester, and miscarriages. Regardless of the quality of the science, this will almost certainly result in (1) pregnant women second-guessing their flu shot, and (2) the anti-vaccine crowd using this to fuel its fire. So, the takeaway: don't hesitate, vaccinate.
The pop singer published to her Instagram account that she was the recipient of a kidney transplant. The 25-year-old previously revealed her Lupus diagnosis, and Gomez attributed this latest development to complications of that condition.