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Peer review is not a corporate conspiracy, even though at least one biology professor thinks so.
It's no secret that on a global scale smoking is one of the chief contributors to death and disability. Thankfully, e-cigarettes have provided many smokers an avenue in which to quit. Data from a recent study reveals that daily vaping is strongly correlated to the prevalence of smokers who quit.
After the World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund doubled down – urging breastfeeding at all costs, despite no country meeting their standards – we need to ask: Has the U.K.'s latest reversal of the normal birth campaign taught us anything? Value-laden ideology should not drive health policy.
If the oceans continue to warm, a new study postulates that the size of fish gills will face new limits, with many species subsequently shrinking in size by 20-to-30 percent due to the intake of less oxygen in warmer water. But a recent study, published in the same journal, believes it's nothing more than a fish tale. 
New research, published in Science Translational Medicine, may lead to a new test that takes the guessing game out of diagnosing Lyme disease. Even better, it could distinguish Lyme disease from other tick-borne illnesses that share many of the same symptoms. 
Airline pilots are tested, and increasingly drivers are tested as they age. But with physician shortages and an aging work force, are there rules for physicians when it comes to retirement?
The Center for Medicare Services unveiled its latest consumer tool, a comparison of Hospice care, aptly titled Hospice Compare. Despite it being an expensive regulatory requirement critics say that for the consumer it sheds little light on the subject.
Given the political morass consuming all of the oxygen in the room on social media and every news outlet, a pivot to human and gorilla medical commonalities seemed a worthwhile departure.
Mylan - best known for jacking up the price of the EpiPen and misclassifying it to underpay Medicaid rebates - is perpetuating big pharma's stereotype of unscrupulous behavior. This week, they settled in court for a fraction of the money they made through their scheme that bilked both their customers and the government. 
Increasing number of physicians support a single-payer system. But is it just a panacea to control health care costs?
The just released toxicology report from Tiger Woods' DUI arrest confirmed the presence of five drugs. Self-medicating and multi-drug use are rampant societal issues addressed in this article.
No U.S. cities are in the top 10. Thankfully, no U.S. cities are in the bottom 10, either.