C7 (1) Woke up in the morning,

pounding in my head

C7 Opened up a test kit,

with a scary sense of dread.  

F7 Do I have the virus?

or do I have a cold?

C7 It doesn't really matter,

cause it can be controlled.

G7 Oh, I'm not apprehensive

F7 Pfizer's got my back

C7 Got me some Paxlovid

G7 and opened up the pack.


(Piano riff)

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[I would mention the study, main author and journal as a little foreplay here.]

The researchers looked at the vaccination records of 1574 NYC public schools “not exclusively serving special education students.” Let’s begin with a few of the facts about the students. [1] 

  • 48% we're female
  • 23% had disabilities
  • 75% were economically disadvantaged, with 8.4% experiencing homelessness
  • 52% of all students were vaccinated - 51% of middle or high schoolers, and 36% of elementary school children. [AM I BEING STUPID OR DO THESE NUMBERS NOT ADD UP?]

There are any number of factors that could contribute to or detract from the vaccination rates. There can be issues of access, knowledge, and the preference (judgment) of...

There's no denying that social media platforms engage in ideologically motivated censorship. Late last year, Instagram prevented its users from tagging the highly esteemed Cochrane Collaboration in posts, allegedly because Cochrane spread COVID "misinformation." Facebook threatened to ban an agricultural scientist for correcting activist nonsense about pesticides, and prevented users from sharing information about a potential  "lab-leak" origin for SARS-CoV-2, even if it came from reputable...

Join our directors of bio-sciences and medicine Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein as they break down these stories on episode 21 of the Science Dispatch podcast.

Parkinson’s Disease is one of several degenerative diseases in our neurologic system. It has a celebrity patient, Michael J. Fox. Still, with a million patients living with the disease in the US and sixty thousand new diagnoses annually, it lacks...

Bail reform is a political hot button. Advocates of bail insist that it keeps miscreants off the streets; opponents point out that not all miscreants are guilty and that an inability to finance bail means the poor can sit in jail for months while the judicial system slowly attends to their case. Both views are solidly based on opinion; neither considers the actual facts. Could the answer lie with Dog, the Bounty Hunter?

“We don’t want to deprive the innocent of their liberty, but we also don’t want to give the guilty too much of a head start on their escape. Bail bonds don’t solve this problem completely, but they do give judges an additional tool to help them navigate the dilemma.”

From The...

The campaign to classify obesity as a victim status instead of a serious medical condition continues its rampage through popular culture. The so-called “fat-acceptance” movement is now taking aim at reality TV, hoping to use widely watched shows like The Bachelor to amplify its science-free messaging. As Ms. Magazine reported on September 16:

Launched by a small group of organizers this summer, the Roses for Every Body (R4EB) campaign aims to increase body diversity on the ABC network’s behemoth reality dating show franchise, The Bachelor. Through a petition and social media campaign, the organizers behind R4EB are also pushing for...

After the U.S. Centers for Disease Control suggested dosage thresholds for patients receiving pain medication in 2016, 38 states rushed to pass legal limits on opioid prescribing and dispensing. Even though the CDC insisted the guidance was "voluntary, rather than prescriptive standards," states wanted to signal they were being tough on opioids. So...

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice - in practice, there is."

- Yogi Berra


We begin with the belief that a virus, primarily transmitted by respirations, can have its infectivity, as measured by R0, the speed at which the virus spreads, reduced by distancing individuals. This makes both common and scientific sense as the closer our contact with one another, the more likely we are to transmit the virus to one another through our exhalations. Lockdowns with quarantining of infected individuals are the most effective means we have of distancing...

The study asks whether simple dietary intervention, the daily use of cocoa or Centrum Silver, will slow the downward spiral of dementia. Why those two? Cocoa has a very high percentage of flavonoids which increase cerebral blood flow. Multivitamins contain a range of “micronutrients and minerals,” which may help those with deficiencies optimize their cognition. The findings have been mixed in both cases, and there are few, if any, long-term studies.

The researchers piggybacked this study into a larger cohort looking at cocoa and multivitamins' impact on cardiovascular disease and cancer. Thirty-six thousand individuals began the parent study; 21,000, or 60%, were randomized. Within this 21,000 cohort, 5,300 were offered a chance to participate in the cognition study, and 2,262...

How overlapping surgery works

The idea is straightforward. A surgeon begins an operation in theatre, well the US term would be in an OR room. After performing the critical portions of the surgery, basically everything up to the closure of the wounds and removal of equipment, they would enter room 2. Here, another patient already anesthetized, with the operative field exposed (opened and prepared) would be waiting for the surgeon to again perform the critical portions of the operation. The surgeon would then return to room 1 where a third patient was awaiting their critical portions. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The rationale for this was to increase the surgeon's productivity, their patient “touch time,” and the productivity of the operating room, a very...