Alzheimer disease

Is Biogen's Alzheimer's drug a historic achievement or red herring? There are plenty of opinions on both sides. Nonetheless, it received FDA approval despite an unanimous downvote from its own expert panel. What is going on here? No one knows, but to me, it just doesn't smell right.
Dietary supplement companies are not renowned for their ethical business practices. But 16 companies may have redefined the word "sordid" by peddling useless supplements to Alzheimer's patients and their families. At least they got swatted down by the FDA. But how much did they suck from desperate families before the FDA warning letters went out? And how do these guys sleep at night?
A group at Mount Sinai Medical School has made a rather startling discovery. People who died from Alzheimer's Disease had brains that contained more of two herpes viruses than controls. Could we have been looking in the wrong direction for therapies for this disease? This is a potentially huge discovery.