Alzheimer disease

Given the drama around the last two drugs approved for Alzheimer’s dementia, Aduhelm and Leqembi, we have a right to be skeptical.
We've reached a point where you must assume everything the media says about nutrition is false. This is a drastic but necessary assumption given the ridiculous headlines that routinely populate our news feeds.
In the mood for some yuks? Good. We can thank Steve Whelan, a member of the ACSH board of trustees, and the widower of our founder, the late Dr. Elizabeth Whelan.
Last November CNBC published an article by Harvard nutritional psychiatrist Uma Naidoo urging readers to “avoid these five foods to stay focused and sharp.” If that author and headline ring a bell, it's because ACSH published
Let’s get right to it.
The FDA perspective If you need to get up to speed on the controversy, look here. The approval was based on three studies.
What we know – providing context
The subject of an email from Rick Berke, the executive editor of STAT, reads: "A landmark day in Alzheimer's disease." Berke then linked to an
As I have written many times, the laws and regulations that govern dietary supplements are a bad joke.
A recent study in the journal Neuron has found a strong link between two rather obscure and poorly understood families of human herpesviruses and
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