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Everything is about racism these days. From politics to sports, somebody, somewhere, wants you to feel bad because something might be racist.

This uniquely American tendency to assign racism where none exists has struck again in yet another bizarre way: Celebrity chef David Chang says that Americans are racist toward Chinese food.

Before we (dumpster) dive into this peculiar accusation, let's first pause to ask whether it might even remotely be true. Consider McDonald's and Starbucks. Nothing is more American than cheap fast food and fancy, overpriced coffee. There are just over 14,000 McDonald's restaurants and just under...

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If you think you've heard it all when it comes to food ... think again. Recently, 36 restaurants in Xinhua, China were accused of cooking up their cuisine with poppy capsules, among other illegal substances, in an effort to make dishes more addictive, increase sales and entice customers to come back for more.

We all know that, over time, food producers have perfected the art...