COVID vaccine

Somehow we pulled it off. More or less.

Are COVID vaccines responsible for creating the multiple variants that keep hitting the world? I get this question all the time in the comments section following ACSH articles about vaccines.

“…vaccines do not offer complete protection against infection by SARS-Cov-2…” Clinical Infectious Disease

Aaron Rodgers, the superb QB of the Green Bay Packers, is known (among other many other things) for being quick on his feet.

After denying that the federal government could mandate COVID vaccines less than two months ago, the Biden Administration reversed course on Thu

Back in February, when I got my second Covid shot in Manhattan, I never would have guessed that I'd be heading over to CVS for a booster. But that's just what happened last week.

"Over 100 fully vaccinated people contract COVID-19 in Washington state, officials say."

Let’s start by demonstrating the pandemic's continuing politicization with the Tweets of the Senator from Kentucky.