drug shortage

Adderall, one of the primary drugs to treat ADHD, has been in the news lately because of a shortage. But there are a number of different ADHD drugs that contain amphetamine – the active ingredient in Adderall. Perhaps this will help clarify what's going on.
America is facing a critical shortage of many medically important drugs. The good news? There's a simple solution if we're willing to implement it. The Biden Administration is poised to invest billions of dollars in America's "bioeconomy." Will this really boost the US biotech sector, or just waste valuable resources that should be spent elsewhere?
The U.S. is facing drug shortages with increasing frequency. From intravenous fluids to chemotherapeutic agents for life-saving treatments, doctors, hospitals and healthcare personnel are increasingly burdened with the ethical dilemma of rationing drugs. Here's a closer look at this vexing situation.
It was news to us, but according to an article in The New York Times, women who feel they are not amply endowed enough can get a temporary fix for the issue. It s very temporary, and may