Several years ago, a brand new method of genetic engineering called CRISPR was invented, and it was based on discoveries made about the rudimentary "immune system" possessed by bacteria.
Herpes-infected rhesus macaque monkeys have been in the news because there is a group of them in the Silver Spring, FL area which is growing. And in the process of growing, they are also infecting each other.
When it comes to double dipping at parties there are two disparate belief systems: 1. Some people think nothing of sticking their chips, carrots, etc., into a dip, taking a bite, and then dipping the uneaten piece back into the bowl.
A recent study in the journal Neuron has found a strong link between two rather obscure and poorly understood families of human herpesviruses and
I have written much about herpes vaccines, especially Genocea's GEN-003 and Rational Vaccines' Theravax (1,2).
Make room, Genocea and Rational Vaccines. There may be a new Herpes kid on the block.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report which reflects record highs in the three most commonly reported conditions in the United States in 2015 (in the fo
In recent years, circumcision has become a prickly issue. Protesters smear fake blood on their pants*, decrying "genital mutilation." They declare that a man should make the choice for himself when he comes of age. 
We are really starting to get creative in the way we treat cancer.
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