junk food

A federal tax on so-called junk foods is feasible, says a new review of the topic. Theoretically, such a tax could help fight the obesity epidemic, but it's more likely to help fund the government without making a dent in health risks.
The next time you make your way to a chain restaurant for a quick fix, don't utter the words "fast food." The phrase is dying. Enter "fast casual" and "fast crafted." The food itself isn't going anywhere, but re-branding it is now necessary since it's become so unpopular. Here are some other foolishly-named products down through the years.
Mark Bittman s column in the NYTimes rails on against Big Food. The title: Parasites, Killing Their Host. Sounds like Karl Marx, right? His brief: the Food industry cynically kills consumers for profit by making junk. Wake up, Times! This guy s a loose cannon.