junk food

A non-profit seeks to disrupt the way we finance scientific research Before it was the Big Apple, it was the Big Oyster Eating monkey brains, what could go wrong? There is no such thing as junk food.
Can we get our obesity problem under control? In part one of this series, we saw that common policy responses to our expanding waistlines have failed. Let's now consider why these interventions tend to yield such disappointing results.
A federal tax on so-called junk foods is feasible, says a new review of the topic. Theoretically, such a tax could help fight the obesity epidemic, but it's more likely to help fund the government without making a dent in health risks.
The next time you make your way to a chain restaurant for a quick fix, don't utter the words "fast food." The phrase is dying. Enter "fast casual" and "fast crafted." The food itself isn't going anywhere, but re-branding it is now necessary since it's become so unpopular. Here are some other foolishly-named products down through the years.
Mark Bittman s column in the NYTimes rails on against Big Food. The title: Parasites, Killing Their Host. Sounds like Karl Marx, right? His brief: the Food industry cynically kills consumers for profit by making junk. Wake up, Times! This guy s a loose cannon.