juvenile humor

TV commercials are vile and profoundly irritating. Perhaps none is more so than the ad for Xiaflex – a drug that can straighten your bent penis. I cannot possibly describe how much I want to throw a brick through the TV when that idiotic bent carrot shows up at dinnertime. That, plus other rants! Proudly presented in poor taste.
I just scored shot #2. It wasn't as pleasant as shot #1. And there were few surprises.
Would you like to learn how the "kinematics of wok-tossing" can impact fried rice quality? Or, do herpetic monkeys running around Florida concern you? Or maybe you're curious about what happens when you strap yourself to a rocket to prove that the earth is really flat? Then, strap yourself in, folks -- cause it's time for Bizzaro News!
Nomenclature -- the "art" of naming organic chemicals -- is crazy making. Some chemical names are simple. Some are complex. What's more, saying the names of some chemicals makes you sound like a fourth grader. (And if that's not enough of a pull to get you to read this, there's a contest, too!)