juvenile humor

Disclaimer: Some most all of you may probably will will find some most all of this article potentially vulgar. Don't blame me. Yuks matter. 
The website International Days has somehow determined that today, April
It’s Pi Day. Could there be a better opportunity to share my recipe for the world’s best Key Lime Pi(e)? I say no.
Who is the most widely known military leader in history? Patton? Napoleon? Washington? There are plenty of choices but in my opinion, it has to be General Tso, hands down.
It doesn't take much anything to annoy me anymore. It can strike from anywhere at any time. What was it today? (As if it matters. Two minutes later I would have found something else.) But today it was coffee.
Here is a new (and typically idiotic) edition of The J-Man Chronicles. Enjoy
Do you remember that gag-provoking 1982 commercial for Enjoli Perfume?
While on a laser-guided mission to stuff my fat face full of ice cream taking a stroll last night, I was one of several victims passersby who were stopped by two women asking whether I would help "resolve a family
Even though television commercials for prescription drugs run the gamut from repulsive to loathsome, by now we are mostly inured to the endless list of hurl-worthy side effects (1).
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