If you were to ask people who have been to a dermatologist what those medical specialists do, many would probably say something like, “they give you cream for an itchy rash or acne,” or “freeze spots on your skin to remove them.” But the diagnosis
President Jimmy Carter is recovering from surgery for a broken hip sustained after a fall at home.
The British tabloids are running wild with the story of a 20-year-old woman who had her thumb amputated because of a rare form of cancer. The cause, we are told, was her incessant nail-biting.
Don't let the title discourage you even though it's pretty bad: "Design of MC1R Selective γ-MSH Analogues with Canonical Amino Acids Leads to Potency and Pigmentation"
It's hard to find a great pair of leggings. It's also hard to find the perfect tote bag. Thankfully, one trip to Lululemon takes care of both of those. 
A statement just released by Habitat for Humanity reveals President Jimmy Carter "has been working hard all week.
There is this unsubstantiated, but widely believed, notion that vitamins and supplements are a panacea. In fact, a multi-billion dollar industry serves to support and perpetuate this often faulty, overly auspicious claim.
It's now almost one year to the day that the Food and Drug Administration publicly recommended that teenagers be prevented from using tanning beds.
The famous singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, as per his manager Robert B.
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