The CDC in cahoots with the CA health dept. ramps up its anti-e-cig propaganda

By Gil Ross — Mar 26, 2015
Another set of expensive campaigns, funded by your government s tax dollars, aimed at falsely demonizing e-cigs and keeping smokers afraid to try them. Result: CDC and CA spending your money to kill smokers. Does anyone care?

Vaping, NOT SmokingA new assault on we were going to say e-cigs/vapor products, but in fact the new federal campaign against these reduced harm products is going to target desperate smokers trying to quit.

In a new low for the hypocritical, fraudulent, destructive and corrupt CDC campaign against the spread of e-vapor products, the public health gurus led by Tom Frieden and his gang have launched an addendum to their 2012 Tips From Former Smokers program. This time they are including alarming (and alarmist, fear-mongering) warnings against the use of e-cigs.

And how did they manage to assemble their warnings? SEE THIS 2014 AD FROM THE CDC, FISHING FOR SICK SMOKERS AND FORMER SMOKERS WHO HAVE TRIED E-CIGS AS WELL. The attempted message: there is an association between the many ills of smoking, and vaping.

CDC Fishing for Ecig Victims

This is the lowest form of unethical, fraudulent guilt-by-association. The CDC s leaders have abandoned all semblance of ethics, professionally and personally, to target the best hope of helping smokers quit, in service of who-knows-what. Is it simply corruption, greed? Or what force is allowing public health servants to lead smokers away from reduced harm products, in effect keeping them smoking? Is it cigarette taxes? Donations from Big Pharma? An ideological agenda, misguided though it may be? We cannot say.

(See also Dr. Mike Siegel s heartfelt condemnation of these same public health gangsters: .....Full of Lies: Why Can t They Just Tell The Truth)

What we can say is the CDC and its acolytes (and of course the California Dept. of Health) is lying to the public and helping to keep smokers smoking, thereby contributing to their ill health, painful premature death, and the suffering of those they leave behind. Have they no shame?

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