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As we have seen with glyphosate, IARC’s assessment, even if contradicted by many other governmental agencies, can result in the banning of compounds and billions
Join host Cameron English, Dr. Chuck Dinerstein and Dr. Barbara Bilauer as they break down these stories on Episode 54 of the Science Dispatch podcast:      
The term "smoking gun" doesn't even begin to describe this one – an alleged murder by poisoning that happened in Minnesota. 
I became aware of the ECHA proposal after reading an excellent article, The EU’s Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Ban: A Case of Policy over Scie
    I tried it. I got hooked. The damn game is fun. This does not mean that things went well, or that there weren't negative consequences. Nope. There were.    
    Assembly theory offers a way to attempt to identify chemicals created biologically rather than through chance, through the process of their creation rather than the underlying physical laws.  
You cannot trust what Hollywood says about science.