Chemicals & Chemistry

While the amount of plastic waste floating around our oceans has been debated, whatever the real number is, it's very large.

Let's hear what some "experts" in biochemistry and toxicology have to say about formaldehyde:

Algae blooms in Florida have been in the paper for quite a while, my colleague Dr. Bloom has written on their toxic chemicals.

Like a broken clock that accidentally gets the time right, the State of California has finally stumbled upon the correct approach to coffee. Sort of.

In 1812, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France was considered unstoppable. The weather did not get the memo and he slunk out of a Russian winter, defeated.

It is unlikely that "osmium" is the first thought to enter your head upon waking. And that's a damn good thing because if so, this would not bespeak well of your mental wellbeing. 

The judiciary frequently acts in its role as a counterbalance to executive and legislative action and non-action.

Jurors in California have awarded $289 million to a man who claimed that his cancer was due to Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate, even though that is biologically impossible. Even the judge acknowledged that there was no evidence of harm.

Poorer people often live in areas with more pollution and crime, that is no surprise, but pollution is relative in 2018.