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Join Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein as they examine a case of opioid research with "a side of corruption" on Episode 62 of the Science Dispatch podcast:
I have nothing against Vertex — quite the opposite. If you were asked to name five "really smart drug companies," it would be on many lists, including mine.
Marijuana is currently a Schedule I drug – with "high abuse potential with no accepted medical use,” like heroin or LSD.
Having come from the pharmaceutical world, I tend to be on the supportive side of the industry because I spent more than 20 years finding out how insanely difficult it is to get a drug from the earliest stages (drug discovery) 
I discussed the main ingredient in many of these medications, phenylephrine, a medication that has been around for a quarter of a century but whose approval as an effective therapeutic is equally as old and not the current state of the art.
It was, of course, just a matter of time until someone studied exactly what was in the various gummies purchased and passed around like candy. And it's not at all surprising that Dr.
I'm always skeptical of claims concerning therapeutic uses of CBD oil (cannabidiol) and also the results of clinical trials that contain a small number of participants.
In the past, I've come down pretty hard on the sleazy tactics used by certain pharmaceutical companies to sell more of
The DEA is chasing its tail, and it's hardly the first time.
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