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There was never really much doubt that a class of drugs (1) intended to treat depression and anxiety would fail to act as analgesics (painkillers).
I recently wrote about the frequent failures of the "peer-review" system for vetting scientific articles before their publica
Before looking at WHO’s recommendations, it’s worth mentioning that radiation exposure has the greatest effect on the cells that line our digestive tract and the bone marrow that
Gold is an atomic snob. It has nothing but disdain for almost all chemicals that might want to bond with it. With few exceptions, gold – a noble metal (1) – is quite pleased with itself; it doesn't want to change.
Here are the eleven from Nature, plus two bonus picks from me.
First, let's tip our hats to the Environmental Working Group for successfully bullying Johnson & Johnson into
A pediatrician in South Carolina, Dr. Deborah Greenhouse, recently tweeted:
It is not the least bit surprising that with the legalization of marijuana, more people are using it.
Last week, a small, publicly held antibiotic biotech, Nabriva, announced that it would wind down its operations. Everyone still there lost their jobs.
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