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The term "100-Day Cough" has its origins about five centuries ago in either China or Japan, depending on whom you believe. Although there is no universal definition, it is generally acce
Pharmacists are caught in a bind; filling a prescription requires more than simply counting out some pills; at minimum, there is a safety check and a need to ensure that the prescription is medically correct and correctly filled.
It is difficult to find anything comforting when you are told you have cancer. Perhaps no word evokes more terror, and this is not without reason.
Open a random medicine cabinet, and there's a very good chance you'll see a bottle of ibuprofen.
We've all dined with people who would rather drink the effluent from the Newark, NJ sewage plant than a cup of regular (caffeinated) coffee in the evening.
Join host Cameron English, Dr. Chuck Dinerstein and Dr. Barbara Pfeffer Billauer as they break down these stories on Episode 52 of the Science Dispatch podcast:
Given the choice of three vile TV prescription drug commercials, which would you pick as the worst?
From 1968 to 2019, Americans experienced a remarkable increase in life expectancy, from 70 to 79 years. Much of that was due to advances in drugs and vaccines.
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