Food & Nutrition

In March, anti-GMO groups across the US launched a last-ditch effort to halt the commercialization of AquaBounty's transgenic AquAdvantage salmon.

“If you are obsessed with sugar-sweetened drinks, then you need to think twice before having them regularly,”

There is a lot of food wasted in the US.

Russell Brand is a genius comedian. I'm especially fond of his character in the film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” a self-absorbed rock star named Aldous Snow who writes cliche ballads about saving the planet.

A new study in the British Medical Journal seeks to decipher the effect of long-term dietary patterns on the microbiome and their subsequent effects on us.

The explanation can be found in the School of Public Health’s website in an article entitled The Problem with Potatoes.

Imagine for a moment that you're standing in the grocery store, choosing between two identical tomatoes. The only difference between them is price because one is certified organic and thus more expensive.

Are you a chocolate connoisseur who won’t touch a cocoa content of less than 70 percent, or do you prefer your candy milky and sweet?